The Craft Trend for Women's Wedding Dress

Author:Alice 2020-06-04

Wedding Dress


Spring is the season of flowers. The combination of flowers with the wedding dress is the icing on the cake. Floral has been applied to wedding dress for a long time. Nowadays, floral patterns get innovated. New crafts and new materials are also added.


wedding dresses


The dense or sparse arrangement of 3D florals easily creates the visual aesthetics. This decoration expresses the artistic tension and enriches the clothing. Without considering practicality and comfort, there is enough space for design. The focus is on the harmonious vision.


Floral Applique wedding dresses


Embroidery is time-consuming, so combing embroidery with other materials is the new direction. Small florals with many twigs are normally used to enrich the pattern. Colors and lines are adopted to sketch the blooming flowers.


Fresh Embroidery


Printing & dyeing are applied to wedding dress. Printing & dyeing of floral bring the rustic and elegant aesthetics, enhances the visual impact and contains the charm of modern crafts. The floral is combined with transparent gauze, so as to create a natural hazy feeling and a layered sense. The blurring effect is like ink painting, quite oriental.


Hazy Prints wedding dress


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