The Crossover Collaboration of Gucci and Balenciaga

Author:Tom 2021-05-08

In April, the major boutique consortia’s revenues were released. In addition to LVMH’s first quarter of 2021 revenue report, Kering Group also announced its financial report. The top brand GUCCI has rebounded strongly, with revenue reaching 2.167 billion euros, almost 2.1 billion. , An increase of 20.2% compared to the same period in 2020, of which the Asia-Pacific region grew by an astonishing 78%, which shows that its strength has returned to the level before the outbreak.


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The profitable brands that were specifically named and praised in the financial report, including GUCCI, YSL and Baodiejia (BV), etc., the total Q1 revenue of the entire group increased by 21.4% year-on-year to 38890.9 million euros.


Gucci coincides with the 100th anniversary of its founding this year, and also launched a series of celebrations, such as the recent 21 autumn and winter and 22 early spring series "Aria" (fashion aria), which is convenient for teaming with the group's Balenciaga family, returning to the roots of equestrianism and design. Tom Ford celebrates the brand's centennial anniversary with a super trendy approach.



1+1 > 2 design collabration


In the current design world, LV x Supreme, Prada x Adidas, Dior Men x Air Jordan, GUCCI also cross-border with The North Face and Doraemon. Today's world is 1+1>2. In the past, no one wanted to talk about others' light. Balenciaga’s designer Demna Gvasalia encountered a bottleneck after 2019, while GUCCI has fallen into a period of stagnation in recent years. Now the two have broken the boundary between the high class and the street, and have joined forces, or It is said that the negative is positive, in short, how to play the crossover will no longer feel like a disadvantage.


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However, the crossover of Gucci x Balenciaga still caused a lot of people in an uproar. Five years ago, when Alessandro Michele and Demna Gvasalia became popular one after another, they were retro and gorgeous on one side, and avant-garde, street, and poor on the other, making Kering Group feel like flying with both wings for a while. At that time, everyone thought that they were the people who knew best how to convey high fashion to the millennial generation. However, after the pandemic, there was an almost inevitable ebb: the performance of the former was stagnant, and the latter's momentum was not as good as the previous; later, Daniel Lee's New BV became the dark horse of the group, and Saint Laurent quietly became a contributing member.


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The Balenciaga Hour Glass handbag with GG monogram printed on it will definitely become a new hit

In this collaboration, GUCCI's presbyopia is decorated with the classic design of Balenciaga, red and green plaid, equestrian clothing, elements of the Tom Ford era, combined with the big shoulder, close-fitting boots, and slanting of Demna when Demna debuted in Balenciaga 5 years ago. Cut diagonally, and the logo printing of both sides appeared on each other's handbags and clothing styles. It can be seen that the pressure of the two parties is simply a heavy attack, which means "only success, no failure".


After all, due to the double blow of development bottlenecks and the new crown epidemic, sales pressure does exist.


Borrow Gwyneth Paltrow (Gwyneth Paltrow) worn by the new version of the velvet suit of the 1996 autumn and winter Tom Ford era.


Gwyneth Paltrow suit


The industry’s view of GUCCI designer Michele has always been that although he is good at creating freshness, he lacks the ability to refine classics and cannot provide consumers with products of complete value in the post-modern era. The past explosions will only be fleeting. His design is not as good as Margiela or Helmut Lang.


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Michele has made simple changes starting from the spring and summer of 2020. Taking the spring and summer of 2020 as the watershed, Gucci's exaggerated retro romantic look in the early stage, or the relatively evergreen bourgeoisie in the 70s, are all packaging beauty so beautiful to fly, so hairy Loafers, GG Marmont handbag belts, and Bacchus bags are on sale, but each set of Michele's aesthetics has a period of time (about a year and a half) that has not changed much, and it is more likely to encounter resistance in development. For the 100th anniversary, Alessandro Michele has sought a new breakthrough. In order to enhance the freshness, he used his own method to interpret the Balenciaga under the name of "Hacking club", and produced the "Gucci Family" series with Michele colors. Strictly speaking, you cannot say that this is original, but in the postmodern world, who does not "reference" who? At least, Michele is a righteous crossover.


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Nowadays, whether it is the Gen-Z era or the traditional nouveau riche, in addition to values, the main premise is to show off. Successes such as Hermes, LV, and Chanel are irreplaceable, to a large extent from the logo, which is why Celine's trademark should also be Supreme.


Looking back at this Aria series, it has a design, a sense of texture, and more importantly, it has all the logo elements-a big hit is inevitable.



Balenciaga's explosion of 5 years ago


On the other side, Balenciaga also launched its own brand's 2021 early autumn series on April 18.


This time, designer Demna Gvasalia is not selling designs, but stories and images-just like the name of the new fashion film Feel good. 3 minutes editing similar to Discovery Channel, taking audiences who have not traveled for a long time on a "travel", using 50 cents of PS technology to P to the street scenes of major cities in the world (Great Wall, Big Ben, Shibuya Crossing) , And the clothes are selected from the past few years, with little surprise.



In the post-modern era, the biggest problem is not whether the designer’s design has depth, but whether there are keywords. The crossover between GUCCI and Balenciaga has just completed this interweaving point, and it is indeed worthy of the collection of the times.


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