The Dense Heavy-gauged Texture Stitch Trend for Men's Knitwear

Author:Tina 2022-01-21

Men's Knitwear


A/W men's knitwear presents warm and solid qualities through heavy-gauged textures. Placement decorations and blank-leaving provide delicate details; braided textures, stitched argyles, and voluminous cable focus on the 3D effect.


Men's Knitwear


The stitch changes in the placement create delicate details and improve the sense of designing. Ribbed hemline and the stitches on shoulder lines strengthen the structure.


Stitched Decoration


The braided texture on men’s knitwear is denser than the open knitting in S/S. Heavy-gauged stitches strengthen the texture of knitwear. The use of basic plain and purl knitting updates the textures. The braided effect brought by cable is more recommended.


Braided Texture


Heavy-gauged argyles form 3D textures. All-over design is regular and neat. The combination of basic purl knitting and cable enriches the visual effect.


Stitched Argyle


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