The Design Development of Elegant Mobility Women's Fur

Author:Spring 2023-05-17

Women's Fur


During economic downturns, the concept of clothing monetization is bound to resonate. In the post-pandemic era, people are cautious about consumption, and classic and simple garments are highly favored. Elegance and poeticism focus on a simple yet sophisticated aesthetic, promoting fashion towards a low-key luxury style. The exquisite tailoring, natural fur materials, and natural elements add embellishment, deeply cultivating the versatility and universality of classic wardrobe staples, showcasing their enduring charm.


Theme Background


Under the theme of "Elegant Mobility," consumers are defined as "urban travelers," and their lifestyles and spiritual worlds are explored from dimensions such as interests, work, consumption, culture, and concepts. Reshaping classics, handcrafted embellishments, and lightweight luxury simplicity have become the dressing preferences of the intellectual elite, while also taking into account high-quality living and environmentally sustainable choices. Experientialism and stream of consciousness are also highly sought after, and a relaxed feeling and a sense of well-being are key mental states for these consumers. The integration of urban life with spiritual poetry, the intangibility of consciousness, and meditation and focusing on the present are their ideal visions.


Consumer Groups

Lifestyle & Scene
Lifestyle & Scene
Under the theme of "Elegant Mobility," the overall color scheme is designed around classic neutral colors and low-saturation hues, with bright color accents added to inject vitality into the simple urban style. The use of diverse colors, such as dark acid orange and apricot gold, adds a delightful touch of color to the essential garment pieces, while deep gray balances out to create an elegant and neutral atmosphere.
Thematic Colors


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