The Detail Craft Trend for Women's Wedding Dress

Author:Tom 2021-08-25

wedding dresses

Wedding dress allows the bride to be noble and luxurious. Minimalist satin dress shows stronger lustre and an understated temperament, which exudes a graceful Korean accent. Without extra decorations and ceremonious effect, exquisite detail designs can beautify the wedding dress and create unique atmosphere.


wedding dresses

Boatneck can perfectly present the shoulder & neck lines of women. Dimensional design increases the airy feel and strengthens the linear contrast, which fixes the highlights of wedding dress. The gentle lustre of satin sets off the skin of bride.


wedding dresses

The unique lustre of satin is suitable for the classical and elegant square-neck design. The combination with delicate yet low-key puff sleeve is cute and girlish. Such square-neck design can not only beautify the face shape but also lengthen the neck line visually.


wedding dresses

The silhouette of bowknot is applied to the shoulders and sleeves of wedding dress. Satin fabric shows the airy texture, and the bow sleeve can also beautify the imperfect shoulder lines of bride, which allows the wearer to be confident and graceful.


wedding dresses

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