The Drawstring Design Detail Craft Trend for Menswear

Author:Tom 2021-10-27



Techwear is definitely trending upward recently to meet the needs of contemporary consumers. Drawstrings are applied on different items to combine functionality with fashion. The design of drawstring has also been diversified. The changes on positions, materials, and colors increase the prettiness and endow items with new looks.




The drawstring design on neckline is more innovative this season. The orderly crinkles brought by double-drawstring design present individualized visual effects and elasticity, The crossed drawstrings on plackets are rather stylish. Besides, double-drawstring design can select different materials to reveal more changes.




Influenced by the techwear trend, drawstring has been used more and more frequently, which is transferred from a functional design to a decorative one. Accessories are added to keep the elasticity and renew the items. Different forms of pieces are used on juxtaposed draw-strings to improve the brand recognition.


Additional Accessories


Insert drawstring can adjust the hemline of clothing to tight the waist in cold weather and keep out the wind. We can take the details on latest runways for reference: sweatshirt, trench coat, and padded coat apply one-piece drawstring on neckline, waist, and cuffs to show unity. Besides, formal items like suits also use drawstrings to provide diversity.


Tightened Waist menswear


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