The Exquisite Life of The Color Trend for A/W 21/22 Women's Overcoats

Author:Alice 2020-04-20

Women's Overcoats


The color trend for A/W 21/22 women's overcoats has a theme of "exquisite life". Inspired by Bauhaus art, minimalist design philosophy and lifestyle are integrated into ready-to-wear design of women's overcoats. Geometrics and the concept of "dot,line and plane" work with the clean and warm indoor vibe to create clear light tones through light pink tones popular in the 1920s. This season key colors for women's overcoats are Bombay Brown, Gossamer Green and Clear Sky. Currently when neutral colors prevail, pastel colors can further deliver a soft and delicate feminine feeling.


Women's Overcoats


The industrial quality will tend to apply earth warm tones to women's overcoats in A/W 21/22. Dried Tobacco brings a metallic quality. Silver Birch reflects the minimalist advanced gray. Smoke Gray has a long history of being applied to overcoats in warm tones. Bombay Brown is the earth color with a granular sense. The whole color proportion interprets the advanced modern industrial lifestyle.


Theme of Industrial Quality


This set of overcoats pays attention to the series sense of colors. The mock-layer Smoke Gray overcoat and the Dried Tobacco overcoat set have a neat silhouette which is complementary to colors. The H-line and straight lines enhance the industrial vibe. The Silver Birch straight overcoat of LORO PIANA is paired with a Bombay Brown belt, echoing the color of trousers. The Bombay Brown overcoat can be paired with tonal trousers.


Industrial Quality Color Proportion


The key color is Bombay Brown (PANTONE18-1250TPG), a rust color with an industrial quality, thus the overcoat has a granular touch. Influenced by the combination of minimalism and life, Mila Schon creates the simple H-line and A-line overcoats, whose industrial feeling expresses female pursuit of delicacy and comfort.


Industrial Quality -- Key Color


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