The Fast-Response Artistic Geometry Pattern Trend for Womenswear

Author:Spring 2023-03-30



Geometries are an indispensable part of pattern design. Through different expression techniques and combination methods, different visual effects can be created, giving the pattern a more advanced visual feel and achieving the development of pattern design towards art. In this report, we will analyze the trend of geometric pattern design from three main directions: flowing color blocks, artistic smudging, and three-dimensional space, combining with the current fashion trends.


Pattern Trend for Womenswear


This report integrates geometric elements with artistic effects to inject a new design language into traditional geometric patterns, which is both elegant and fashionable and can reflect mature and exquisite high-level charm. It interprets the design concept of practicality and individuality, simplicity and unconventionality, and gives a new definition to traditional fashion.




The irregular color block pattern combined with each other, casual and fashionable, presents a highly trendy flowing effect. Its structuralist geometric shapes are full of artistic sense and have high recognition. While being casual, it also presents a certain sense of order, making the geometric color block pattern show a unique charm.

Flowing Geometry pattern


Geometric elements combined with watercolor smudging effects and free brushstrokes create a highly artistic texture effect, showcasing a unique and elegant style. This type of pattern uses the smudged features of watercolors to create a hazy and dreamy image, achieving the ultimate momentary and ever-changing artistic beauty.

Artistic Smudging


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