The Fast Response Floral Grassland Pattern Trend for Womenswear

Author:Tom 2021-09-28

pattern trend

The womenswear market is always in love with floral patterns, and designers use flowers to please fashionable women in spring and summer. Delicate and classic little florals exude a romantic pastoral style. Leaves show color conflict with flowers and increase the layers of pattern. Jacquard allows floral patterns to send out a solemn atmosphere and makes clothing rather elegant.


womenswear Inspiration

On the S/S 2022 runways, the patterns of Balenciaga, Cinq a Sept, Kenneth Nicholson, and Leur Logette were pretty eye-catching, which led the pattern trend in the future. Lively little florals form the flower aesthetics in summer and enliven the dress.


Womenswear pattern

The colors of flower are rather bright and contrasting. Fluorescent colors are selected to enrich the picture. Rose flower is also the key point of this season, and the flat all-over pattern endows floral dresses with a fresh girlish touch.


Grassland pattern

Floral is the must-have element for runways in every year. Cautious consumers will emphasize on their familiar fields. In S/S 2023, floral patterns will combined with jacquard on dresses to fully present the romantic pastoral style.


Pattern Styles

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