The Friends of Nature Pattern Craft Trend for Kidswear

Author:Alice 2020-02-18

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The outbreak of the NCP makes the relationship between man and nature hot again. This season the key of pattern is abandoning complicated prints and patterns, and focusing on what people really care about. Slogans of environmental protection update T-shirt text patterns, and marine protection presents the underwater world through cartoon images. Caring about emotions and life, rainbow elements and florals are used to create a positive vibe. Plain embroidery and graffiti display our daily life.


Pattern Craft Trend for Kidswear


Marine Creatures

Marine pollution is always the center of attention. The undersea world is turned into childlike prints, with embroidery, print, sequin and 3D decorations to enrich the details and layers.


Marine Creatures

Slogans of Environmental Protection

The outbreak draws people's attention to environment, climate, the ocean and wild animals. And slogans add vitality into T-shirts. Children's slogans become a source of inspiration for hand-drawn fonts.


Slogans of Environmental Protection

All you need is love!


With the spread of the outbreak, love is also passed on. The heart is used as polka dots to be all-over printed, and takes on various forms like the hand-drawn mottled effect, the combination with texts, 3D forms, and contrasting of multiple colors.


kidswear pattern

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