The Geeks Pattern Trend for Menswear

Author:Tom 2020-07-03

Pattern Trend


The development of science and technology drives great changes on people's lifestyle. And a group of geeks who pursue creative technology and fashion stands in the frontier of new economy, cutting-edge technologies and fashion. Inspired by this trend, twisted pixelated letters, futuristic linear patterns and letters, computer codes, malfunction patterns and other technical themes bring people to the future world.


The Pattern Trend for Menswear


In the virtual future, digital pattern is the language. Twisted and pixelated letters mark the arrival of artificial intelligence. Floating patterns are digital. Rhythmic pictures and dynamic colors deliver a strong technical feel. Placement use of short letters injects new vitality into the style.


Future Language womenswear


Linear earth and color-blocked pattern are combined. Space elements are technical, with twisted letters to add a layered sense. Lines and the perspective effect depict bold outlines of elements. Color blocks, letters of different fonts and lavish layouts reveal a design sense and create a full visual impact.

Linear Patterns and Letters
Digitization translates any changing input (such as lines of pictures or sound signals) into a series of separated units and represent them with "0" and "1" in computer. The combination of numbers and letters prevails and shows newness. Abstract textures are combined with digital coding, presenting an intelligent world. Technical colors create unique street fashion patterns.
Digital Codes menswear