The GORPCORE Design Development of Outdoor Urbanwear

Author:Spring 2023-02-01


The unstoppable trend of outdoor is penetrated into the fields of life, culture and fashion. Gorpcore - named after the colloquial term for trail mix ("Good Ol' Raisins and Peanuts") - is a style focused around wearing utilitarian, functional, outdoors-inspired gear. Professional outdoor brands are offering windbreakers, hiking shoes and fleece coats. Fashion houses as GUCCI, DIOR and PRADA draw inspirations from the outdoors and blur the boundaries.



Professional outdoor gear is fused with urban scenes. Outdoor staples are mixed with casualwear to reflect the strong inclusiveness of Gorpcore, which offers practicality and functionality as well as fashion aesthetics. Urban techwear combines creative technologies with pragmatism to create sleek outfits. Professional mountaineering shoes, windbreakers, hardshell skiwear and water-repellent softshell pants are suitable for street walking, commuting and outdoor activities.



Staples as windbreakers, fleece coats and casualwear are mixed and matched to give both practical functionality and urban aesthetics. The loose fit of upper garments is cozy, and suitable for multiple layers. Skirts, cycling pants, sweatpants and active bras are mixed to form a bold Gorp Girl outfit.



Inspired by the Cyberpunk style in Japan, the urban techwear fuses creativity with pragmatism. Multiple 3D pockets, bags and buckles offer both functionality and fashion property.



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