The Handicraft Art Fast-response Pattern Trend for Kidswear

Author:Spring 2023-04-26

Kidswear pattern


Under the influence of the pandemic, many people have started to yearn for nature and seek a healthier, more environmentally friendly way of life. In the design of kidswear patterns, techniques such as tie-dyeing and mimicking nature are gradually becoming the focus of attention. These artistic techniques are full of affinity and artistic charm, with tie-dyeing giving people the charm of handicrafts and mimicking nature allowing children to feel the warmth and experience of nature. Therefore, these pattern techniques not only meet the aesthetic needs of modern life, but also conform to people’s constant longing for natural cultural atmosphere. 


Kidswear pattern


In children’s clothing pattern design, techniques such as tie-dyeing and mimicking are gradually becoming the focus of attention. For example, designers are using artistic techniques as the basis to create more modern and fashionable designs. The bright colors and fun cartoons of tie-dyeing can enhance a certain degree of visual impact, while interesting and funny patterns can also attract the attention of the public, adding design highlights to the clothing.


fashion trend inspiration


Tie-dyeing is one of the popular techniques in spring and summer children’s clothing designs. Compared to tie-dye patterns in adult clothing, tie-dye patterns in children’s clothing are more colorful and lively. For example, combining tie-dyeing with cartoon patterns can create a more layered and childlike design, and tie-dyeing techniques used to form cartoon patterns add a certain sense of unpredictability and cuteness.

Fantastic Tie-dye


Mimicking and abstraction is a hot technique in children’s clothing pattern design. Designers use this technique to simplify concrete things into geometric shapes or embed them within color blocks, making the design of children’s clothing patterns more vivid, interesting, and imaginative. For example, using two simple squares to represent a car, or hiding patterns of cats and fish inside color blocks, all demonstrate the expressive power and artistic quality of this technique in patterns.


Cute Mimic fashion style


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