The Highlighted Edges Detail Craft Trend for Women's Leather & Fur

Author:Tom 2021-12-09

Women's Leather & Fur

The edges of garments are highlighted by crocheting, shell stitching, contrasting hemming, strengthened structures, raw edges, and metallic edges. These high-quality and individualized edges enrich the visual effect. Crocheted edges bring handcrafted textures; shell stitching elevates the quality; contrasting hemming improves the subtle changes on edges; strengthened structures slim the body shape.
Women's Leather & Fur
Crocheted Edge
The returning of retro fashion reminds people of the nostalgic crocheting. The crocheting that underlines the edges of fur products pursues neat and exquisite stitches. The use of computers and machines solves the problem of craft difficulty and elevates the quality of clothing.
Crocheted Edge
Shell Stitching
The shell stitches on structural lines or in the placement of hemlines, plackets, pockets, and collars show delicate edges and protect the raw edges from fraying.
Women's Leather & Fur
Contrasting Hemming
Contrasting heterogeneous hemming sets off the outlines and brings clothing with textures and an artistic effect. The bold use of bright colors improves the spatial layers and provides smart decorations.
Women's Leather & Fur


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