The Item Design Development of Women's Down Jacket

Author:Spring 2022-03-28

Women's Down Jacket

color scheme


Key Silhouette -- Puffy X-line

Loose-fit down jackets are belted for diversity. The tightness can be adjusted by wearers to present comfortable and thermal experiences.


Key Silhouette -- Puffy X-line


Key Silhouette -- Wide A-line

A-line down jacket is safe and thermal, which is suitable for all ages. The slim and elegant silhouette sends out a mature and romantic mood.


Wide A-line


Key Silhouette -- Long Bomber Jacket

Preppy bomber jacket is diversified this season. The elongated silhouette is inclusive for consumers in all body shapes. The use of gorgeous, lustrous materials develops active occasion-wear.


Key Silhouette -- Long Bomber Jacket


Key Silhouette -- Padded Coat

The bold volume of padded coat also shows lightness. The puffy appearance and laid-back temperament meet the need of modern women. High inclusiveness suits all body shapes. The fluid, wide tailoring presents an elegant atmosphere.


Key Silhouette -- Padded Coat


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