The Letter and Flower Pattern Craft Trend for Womenswear

Author:Tom 2020-10-29

Womenswear pattern


Natural scenery in four seasons is the inspiration source of Canadian creative master Inoue who often uses flowers and plants in nature to create delicate insects and animals. But this year he is keen on making letter patterns and combines logos of nine iconic luxury brands with flowers. These patterns on clothes display refined details and present the beauty of nature, pure and lavish.


womenswear pattern


Healing things will be warmly welcomed in this turbulent society. Seemingly random threads, beads and flowers are actually carefully layered and combined with meaningful and healing letters, creating a large space for creation.


womenswear pattern


Flowers are indispensable in womenswear. Tendrils grow wild, full of vigor. Big blooming flowers emphasize the tenacity and meaning of life. Traditional embroideries work with letters for multi-layered flowers and letters.


womenswear pattern


Lines, plastics and ceramics are combined for a 3D effect. Or the hoop is used as canvas to present abstract flowers. Letters team up with 3D patterns to bring eye-catching visual effects and textures.


Three-Dimensional Effect


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