The Lost Horizon Thematic Pattern Trend for A/W 21/22

Author:Tom 2020-07-30

Thematic Pattern Trend


The vast wilderness exudes an original natural fragrance. We temporarily escape from the trivial life, set foot on soul-touched rebellious journey, roam to break shackles in grand nature and perceive the heartbeat of wild nature. Steep mountains, lush grasslands and snowy mountains, the pristine landscape lead us into a strange and fantastic dream of nature. In the new season pattern designs contain geomorphic features and folkloric elements.


Pattern Trend for A/W 21/22


Quiet forest and plant patterns are soothing. The refined picture composition and all-over use highlight a layered sense. Muted colors reveal the positive influence of environmentalism and show the beauty of tranquility.

Journey to Nature
Worn-out designs are combined with eco-friendly print and dye to present mottled textures, show the aesthetics of imperfection, create a faded effect and mix with outdoor style. Placement letters are practical. Embroidery is layered, practical and rough.
Vagrancy Plan
Primitive jungles lead us to a tribe. Artistic techniques turn plants into rebellious light folk style. Natural tones create a natural, poetic and healing vibe and display the casual fashion attitude for outdoor looks.
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