The Magic Cube Thematic Color Trend for Womenswear

Author:Spring 2022-04-12

Color trend


Influenced by diversified cultural impacts and fusions, the young generation now has a clear recognition about themselves and their relationship with the world. We can see their independent ideas and evolved aesthetics. Restless minds are settled down by the updating living conditions. Spiritual sublimation enriches one’s thinking and promotes the awareness toward cultural heritage.


Color Inspiration


Rising cultural confidence leads to the existence of more bold dreamers. With the expectations in vision, we create interlaced and diversified spaces in our own world for self-expression and inclusive aesthetics. Tap into technical, innovative materials and faux fur through breaking, collaging, reconstruction and deconstruction. Romantic and technical patterns reflect young people’s self-oriented attitude.


Design Element


Magic Cube tells us about four color stories: The SIMS, Subculture Generation, Escape to the Garden and Blue Dwarf Star Girl. The SIMS is a virtual game that put players into another life; Subculture Generation searches for identity recognition through radical apparels; inspired by the runaway princesses, Escape to the Garden provides graceful, unisex mash-ups; Blue Dwarf Star Girl draws inspirations from artists’ imaginations toward the outer space in the last century.


Color Story


Realistic simulation games and sandbox Framework will put players into another life to create a parallel world. The rapid development of intelligent digitalization blurs the boundaries between virtual reality and realistic virtual. For this color story, skin colors are combined with metallic tones to show contrasting heterogeneous splicing. In the future, human might be fused with humanoid machines. Nude-tone fabrics simulate the texture and color of skin to create a weird fake skin effect. Different colors and materials are patched together to show a new visual aesthetic.




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