The Monochromatic Undershirt Item Trend for Women's Knitwear

Author:Spring 2022-05-13

Women's Knitwear


Women’s knitted undershirts center on details. Stitching, plackets and side seams offer sophisticated qualities. Besides, visual mock-layered undershirt and crossed undershirt display the structures of clothing via smart tailoring techniques.


Women's Knitwear


Thickness contrast performs well in the mature womenswear market recently, which has also been an important point for undershirts. The density of stitches and the ply of yarns are changed to create visual layers. Besides, multi-layered design is also recommended.


Women's Knitwear


The trompe l’oeil effect brought by mock layers is the key. Halter structures and cutouts seem to divide clothing into two pieces. Besides, the overlapping of fabrics can also form visual mock-layers.


Women's Knitwear


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