The Oriental Rhythm Color Trend Forecast for Menswear

Author:Tom 2021-11-08

Menswear color


Oriental Rhythm focuses on the design force of the new generation in China. Elegant tones with a new Chinese mindset are presented by unexpected techniques. Reproducing the diverse things in life and the imaginations of dreamers through musics, people desire for self-expression and interpreting the feeling to all the things. The diversified subcultures in China not only represent the fusion of cultures, but also strong creati-vity.


Color Inspiration


China owns the most active fashion market in the world. With the consumption upgradation in the recent years, consumers tend to pursue aesthetics and personality instead of flaunt. Characteristic designer brands can easily set a distinct fashion attitude and draw the attention of new consumers, which promotes the influence of Chinese designs on a global level. Besides, the fusions with acid, individualized pattern elements present a unique oriental aesthetic.


Design Elements


Oriental Rhythm focuses on the design aesthetics that break through the traditional Chinese mindset. This theme is divided into four color stories: “Eastern Rising Tide” combines traditional Chinese colors with avant-garde designs to interpret novelty Chinese aesthetics; “Memory Taste” tries to upgrade the Chinese Too-Cool style through the fusion with Hong Kong accent and contrasting colors; “Young Scavengers” presents imperfect designs with denim fabrics to elevate the practicality; “Back in Time” provides a collision between American street fashion and Chinese design force, bringing younger streetwear for S/S 2023.


Menswear Color Stories


The holding of Local Landscape Fashion And Art Festival brought Chinese design force to the forefront. Eastern Rising Tide interprets traditional Chinese colors through a new posture to present the concept of infinity in this large fashion circle. Pool Green(PANTONE 16-5425 TPG), which comes from the classical cyan tone, leads the palette of this story. 18-1561 TCX) brings perfect chemistry and strengthens the contrasting visual effect.


Eastern Rising Tide


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