The Pattern Craft Trend for Mature Sweater

Author:Spring 2024-03-18



This report focuses on the womenswear of mature ladies, and extracts the popular points of the 2025 spring/summer women's sweater pattern technology trend. The interpretation will be based on six points: flower lace splicing, metal flower decoration, romantic flower embroidery, positioning beads&strings, metal letters, and hot diamond letters. Please refer to the following text for details.


pattern trend


This season's spring and summer women's sweaters feature lace material splicing to highlight the elegant and feminine charm of the style. The lace is shaped with plants and flowers, and is spliced on the shoulders, chest, hem, and other parts to enhance the romantic and elegant style.


Metal Flowers


In this season's spring and summer women's elegant women's sweaters, embroidery and flowers are more commonly used. The chest part design has a strong three-dimensional texture, vivid colors, and exquisite craftsmanship, which enhances the overall design sense of the style.

Floral Embroidery


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