The Pattern Craft Trend for Women's Homespun Denim

Author:Tom 2020-10-27

Women's Denim


Handicrafts contribute to flamboyant summer denim looks. DIY develops a new way for upcycling and redesign, and lowers the impact to our environment. DIY can create customized patterns, such as crocheted pattern, scrapbook pattern, hand-painted pattern and redesigned collage.


Women's Denim


Crafted designs will continue to flourish along with slow fashion. Exquisite 3D crocheted patterns will be increasingly popular among denim, with embroideries or prints to bring young modern fashion.


Women's Denim


Despite of the decline of street fashion, creative upcycling rises. Scrapbook style patterns gradually prevail. Daily snapshooting, poster patterns, and doodled slogans are disorderly mixed or layered, appealing to the young market.


women's denim


Bold painting style is the key for paintings to become prints on denim. Mixed colors and innocent brushstrokes bring floral prints. Child paintings and elaborate patterns contribute to unique and fine patterns.


women's denim


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