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Author:Tom 2021-10-19

When it comes to sweaters, I believe everyone is familiar with it. As a must-have item in the autumn wardrobe, many people’s impressions of it are mostly warm and comfortable. The style is easy to lack highlights when wearing it, and even gives people a sense of warmth. This is also quite a lot. Problems that people encounter when wearing sweaters.


And this time, the fashionable grandma Netti Weber who came to share with you, but with the help of matching sweaters to wear beautiful and sassy visual effects. To tell the truth, this is the coolest autumn sweater dress I have ever seen, "sweater + five bottoms", suitable for 50-year-old women, let's take a look!


1. Sweater + suit pants


Autumn sweaters are mostly thick styles, and wearing them alone is the first choice for most people. However, when wearing them alone, 50-year-old women need to pay attention to the style, version and color of the sweater.


Sweater + trousers


In order to avoid wearing old-fashioned sweaters, it is recommended that 50-year-old women choose some sweater styles that are more suitable for them, such as beige, white, gray, coffee or black. These basic colors or earth colors are sufficiently calm and advanced to further create simplicity Atmospheric dressing style.


In addition, if you don't want to wear a sweater too warm and soft, then a loose-fitting micro-profile or silhouette sweater is more suitable for you. It will not stick to the skin like a slim fit, but more free and unrestrained.




The choice of bottoms is one of the important factors that affect the effect of sweaters in addition to color and style. Middle-aged and elderly women who take the sassy high-level route are recommended to combine sweaters with suit pants in autumn.


This style of style can neutralize the warmth of the sweater itself with the help of the capable and refined side of the suit pants, easily enhance the wearer's own aura, and create a semi-formal style with fashionable personality.


2. Sweater + Legged casual pants


When a 50-year-old woman wears a sweater, if she wants to avoid being too old, she must be good at using mix and match techniques to enhance fashion, such as using sweaters to mix and match slacks.


sweater and pants


The sweater is soft and gentle, and the trousers with the feet are more casual and eclectic. After these two seemingly unconnected items are combined with each other, they can collide with fashionable sparks, and they are used in the street for concave shapes. Comfortable and generous, but also can enhance the sense of the street.


In this combination, the style of shoes is very important. It is generally recommended to match Chelsea boots, pointed ankle boots, chimney boots or Martin shoes to enhance the aura with the help of short boots.


3. Sweater + cropped pants


In addition to mixing and matching trousers and casual trousers, the way to break the dullness of sweater modeling can also be achieved with the help of skin-exposing techniques.


sweater + cropped pants


For example, using cropped trousers to combine sweaters, cropped trousers can show the leg length by exposing a section of the calf line, further amplifying the body advantage of the wearer, and at the same time, the skin-exposing technique also adds a bright spot to the overall shape, so that you can dress no longer dull and old.


The favorite of blogger Netti Weber is the combination of sweaters with seven-point suit pants, with a wide-leg version and straight-line tailoring, which is more atmospheric on the whole.


Sweater and pants


When using this method, 50-year-old women can start with shoes or accessories to enrich the dressing level. For example, when going out on the street, they can combine knee boots and short boots to further create long legs.

Or use pointed shoes and cat-heel shoes to emphasize the femininity of mature age. In addition, accessories based on sunglasses, earrings, sweater chains or watches can also help improve the quality of dressing.


4. Sweater + over-the-knee skirt


Many people may think that sweaters are mainly gentle and generous, with over-the-knee skirts on the whole sweet and romantic, but in fact, in this combination, the styles of over-the-knee skirts are different, and the dressing style will also change.


Sweater + over-the-knee skirt


Take the blogger Netti Weber as an example. As the general tone of her dress is calm, elegant and stylish, when she wears a knee-length skirt with a sweater, she prefers to choose a smoothly tailored H-shaped suit skirt, or leather skirt or woolen skirt. , And the color is mostly gray, coffee or black.


Compared with sweet and romantic silk skirts or chiffon skirts, these skirts give people a more atmospheric and advanced feeling.


sweater and dress


When wearing sweaters and skirts, 50-year-old women also need to pay attention to two points. The version of the first sweater and the half skirt need to be different. If the sweater is a micro-profile, it is recommended to wear a straight, hip-covered or A-shaped half skirt.


Second, when the skirt is superimposed with striped elements, the sweater needs to choose a solid color.


5. Sweater + bottoms of the same color


The simpler, the more advanced. This sentence not only refers to matching but also to color matching. Subtracting colors can also help improve the grade of sweaters.


Sweater and dress


In the fall, 50-year-old women can show outstanding dress taste by using the same color combination method, such as using a light gray sweater with dark gray suit pants.


In addition to the contrast of the version, the color difference also enriches the upper and lower levels. After mixing and matching small white shoes, the age is reduced.


Sweater and dress


The above is the autumn sweater for 50-year-old women to wear this time. From the above, it can be seen that if 50-year-old women want to wear sweaters with a sassy effect, they only need to match these five bottoms.


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