The queen of Spain Letizia's clothing collocation is very elegant

Author:Tom 2021-09-23

Why can someone wear a simple style with a sense of luxury? What are the techniques used by those who wear it casually and beautifully? This may be the confusion for most of us, but in fact, in dressing, the most important thing for them is to understand their own style and to be good at using details. Therefore, it makes people feel that their costumes are integrated, with indescribable beauty.


Queen of Spain


In fact, for ordinary people, as long as they have a good dressing style and the creation of details, they will definitely make a breakthrough in wearing. In this issue, we will take the dress of the Queen of Spain as an example to explain the mature and elegant style suitable for middle-aged women. Let's take a look.


Queen of Spain


1. Dresses selection


For middle-aged women, the most elegant thing is the skirt. When wearing the skirt, you can always feel the brilliance of walking. Therefore, it is important to learn to choose a dress that suits you.


queen of spain


In the choice of skirts, there are two points to learn, which is very helpful to the improvement of temperament. For example, in the first one, the length of the dress should be long rather than short. For middle-aged women, the key to dressing elegantly and decently is the key.


So short skirts are not suitable. For middle-aged women, skirts with a length below the knee are the most suitable. Looking at the skirts of the Spanish queen, her skirts are often around the calf, and the shortest is kept under the knees.


queen of spain


The second point is that it should be simple and not complicated, that is, when choosing a skirt, don't choose too complicated. Because the skirt itself is an improvement of temperament, for middle-aged women, too complicated clothing will drown their temperament. Therefore, in design, small details are more in line with the temperament of middle-aged women.


queen of spain


For example, this one has a green polka-dot skirt with green as the bottom and white as dots, which will neither look too monotonous nor overly exaggerated. Coupled with the detailed design of pearl buttons and puff sleeves, the group dress is more attractive.


For middle-aged women, if you don't have a good grasp of the design sense of clothing, polka dot skirts will be a good choice. For example, the different occasions of black and white dots, the retro fashion sense of red and white dots, and so on. But remember, the larger the wave point, the stronger the sense of maturity, on the contrary, the smaller the wave point, the more youthful you feel.


Princess Kate


2. Top + half skirt


For skirts, the focus is on matching. Queens of Spain also often wear skirts on some important occasions or daily. The more classic ones often have traces to follow. For example, the following points:


The first is simple and complicated. For skirts, the most important thing is to know the "one point" to wear. For example, when choosing a simple style for the upper body, then choosing a skirt with a more design sense for the lower body. One is a visual sense, and the other is this. The matching will not reveal the shortcomings of the figure, and it is also very friendly to the fat girls.


Queen of spain


The second is the shallow top and the deep bottom. The same is true in color. Choosing light-colored clothing for the upper body can effectively avoid the dull skin tone, while choosing bright colors for the lower body will not only brighten the overall dressing effect, but also take into account safety. This outfit is very suitable for those who love bright colors, but are worried that the colors will appear old or dull.


Queen of spain


The third is the same color from top to bottom. For middle-aged women, the most inseparable thing is the same color matching. For middle-aged women, the same color matching is more elegant. For example, light pink silk shirt + black powder gradient pleated skirt, both elegant and fashionable.


At the same time, in addition to the visual beauty, there is another point that can dissolve the complex feeling of clothing, such as the right one, light blue sweater and blue printed skirt, the same blue pendant earrings embellishment, which echoes the blue , So that the overall color is consistent, exquisite and full of aura.


Queen of Spain


3. How to wear a suit


Middle-aged women in the workplace are also indispensable to wear a suit, which can show women's competence and aura in the workplace. As for suits, it can also reflect fashion and exquisiteness in details, such as wearing the same color or embellishing exquisite accessories.




The cyan suit, the shoes of the same color and the inner embellishment echo, it making the dress uniform and coordinated, and the embellishment of the silk fabric with a touch of luster makes the dress show high quality and texture. At the same time, differences in fabrics also weaken the professional stereotypes of suits.


Queen of Spain


4. Accessories selection


Of course, an aura and a complete outfit must be embellished with accessories. For mature and elegant women, it is necessary to understand the role of accessories. For middle-aged women, pearl necklaces are the most versatile and show their temperament. However, when choosing, pay attention to the fact that the larger the pearl, the more old-fashioned it is and the more difficult it is to control. In comparison, small pearls are more young and fashionable. Of course, the long-chain pearl necklace is more fashionable, and it can be well coordinated whether it is elegant or casual wear.


Queen of spain


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