The Rainbow Color Pattern Trend for Menswear

Author:Alice 2019-12-09


Rainbow color represents universal love and inclusiveness, and it gradually becomes a part of fashion culture. The resurgence of rainbow color gives vibrancy and expresses the optimistic attitude.


Catwalk Looks


Catwalk Looks


catwalk look


The repeated letters in rainbow color bring a youthful twist. The colorful pattern adds a positive power.


Repeated Letters / Rainbow Gradations


The curved color-blocking graphic forms the beautiful rainbow bridge, adding a bright impact. Letters add depth. Sequins work best for rainbow color blocks.

Rainbow Color/Text and Graphics
Combos of coastal scenes and rainbow color deliver an optimistic, dynamic and individual feel.
Coastal Scenes Color Blocks
Funny facial features with rainbow color add a richer visual. Combos of print and embroidery, sequins and hot fix can be used.
Facial Features/Rainbow Color-Blocking
As a new direction, rainbow color adds a sense of play to letters.
Letters and Graphics/Rainbow Stripes