The Reinvented Maximalism Pattern Trend for Girls' Knitwear

Author:Alice 2019-08-26

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Maximalism comes back to the core of modern designing, and brands start to design more premium basic items. In fashionable knitted pieces, maximalism is key. For A/W 20/21, new leopard print, fashionable letters, multicolored stripes, hand scrawls and color blocks are key details.


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Leopard print makes a comeback. Multicolored leopard print is a new design point. The combinations of leopard print, letters and materials add newness to A/W 20/21 knitted kidswear.


New Leopard Print fashion style


In this season, in addition to sweet and playful letters and slogans, repeats, combinations of print and embroidery, gold stamping add interest. MSGM's jacquard letters on the outerwear piece are novel.


Fashion Letters fashion style


Stitch stripes are key in this season. Jade green and neon yellow add newness, while the red, black and white stripes and folk patterns are combined to be the new direction.


Renewed Stripes fashion style


Geometric color blocks in previous seasons worked well on the adult knitted items of Burberry and MSGM. In this season, irregular geometric patterns and the asymmetric design with color blocks, intarsia and special stitches to add newness. StellaMcCartney combines color blocks with fringing, which is a key direction.


Color Blocks fashion style


Modern hand scrawls have become a culture. Color-blocking animals and figures are combined with the scrawling style to add an artistic feel.


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Dyeing makes a strong comeback and gains momentum. More colors add fashion. Dyeing on knitwear adds diversity and comfort. The combinations of digital prints and dyeing bring more natural colors.

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