The Silhouette Trend for Women's Chic and Multifunctional Swimwear

Author:Tom 2020-09-08

Women's Swimwear


As consumers are more aware of sustainability and the impact of throwaway fashion on the environment, swimwear focuses on multiple uses again. Consumers seek investment pieces to not only transcend seasons, bu also transform from beach-to-bar and pool-to-street styling.


Women's Swimwear


The long-sleeve design is combined with stretchable fabrics, sun-proof and body-shaping. Zippers and cutouts complement and make items diversified. Patterns renew this shape.


Long-Sleeve Swimwear


Cropped tops reach collarbone height, appealing to the young market. As an ideal multifunctional product, it adds a sportif accent into beach-to-street styling. The high-neck design wraps more skin. Highly fashionable cutouts and layered effects can be tried on this sports necessity.


High-Neck Tops swimwear


The high-waist brief keeps prevailing. Coated finishes and metallic colors are key to creating a surface effect. Black is essential to drive the sales. Wet-look effects and iridescent sheen inject novelty. As for softer fashion prints, solarised effects and pearlescent finishes innovate the series.


High-Waist Shorts


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