The Skateboard Player Pattern Trend for Teenager

Author:Tom 2021-02-27

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Skateboarding and street graffiti present the charm of street culture through the fearless extreme youth attitude, and become the self-manifesto of swanky teenagers in the new era. This report lays the focus on the skateboard lovers and also presents the random hand-drawn graffiti. The combination of the most popular dinosaur elements and skateboards becomes the favourite theme pattern among children and maintains the retro charm.


Pattern Trend for Teenager


The speed and playfulness of skateboarding has attracted more teenagers. The patterns in this report use lively color lumps with whimsy to present vitality. This kind of patterns is suitable for applying on the middle-front of T-shirt or as all-over pattern to show playfulness.


Playful Skateboard


Through high-speed image capture and frame splitting, we have realized the detailed observation of how to mobilize the human body to cooperate with the skateboard in the movement. And this observation also inspires the pattern design. Neat lines and casual color lumps are applied to outline the dynamic posture of skateboard players in the air. We can feel the rhythm of group images in movement composed of lines and color lumps from the city collection of the artist Julian Opie.


Skateboard Player


Although the seemingly random painting and twisted hand-drawn lines are not delicate, but they have their own unique charm. Kids' casually painted skateboard graffiti exactly fit the cool vibe of summer days. The combination of skateboard and positive slogan or other popular elements provides the harmonious collision and integration between various cultures.


Random Painting


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