The TOP Overcoats List of Womenswear

Author:Alice 2019-12-31



According to the data analysis of TOP 100 downloaded women's overcoats of POP users in November and December, the simple & sophisticated style and deconstruction of cotton&linen gain much attention. For silhouettes, H-line and A-line become the main silhouettes. Slightly loose overcoat is an important silhouette. Splicing and deconstruction still gain much attention. In A/W, cutout draws less attention.


data analysis


TOP 10

The TOP 10 list is ranked by clicks in November and December. Overcoats in natural colors and earth colors gain the most attention, taking up 7 styles in the TOP 10. The waisted overcoat gain more and more attention. Corset and belt become a key direction. The designer brand, Blancore, has 4 styles in TOP 10. Here are the TOP 10 styles (From the left to right is 1-5, 6-10.)


TOP 10


The mid-length slightly loose design is convenient for moving. The waisted belt is adjustable. Color-blocking and hidden belt inside renew the waisted design.


Waisted Overcoats


Corset is added by more detachable accessories, such as corset, 3D detachable pockets and layered panels. The waisted design on overcoats can highlight the external design instead of the waisted structure itself. Diversified corset materials also bring more directions to overcoat design.


Decorations in the Waist


Workwear military style is an emerging style in A/W. Influenced by asexuality, simplicity and neutrality, it frequently appears in markets. Burnt olive, deep blue and khaki are main tones. Stitches can be added to 3D big pockets, strengthening the practical and military feel.


Military Style Pockets