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Author:Tom 2021-10-14

As the global epidemic situation is gradually improving, many department stores have reopened, and in an era when online shopping is becoming more and more convenient, are physical stores still necessary? Is the decoration of the store still important? Let’s talk about the display and decoration of luxury stores today, and take stock of classic store designs!


Offline is still the most important sales channel for luxury brands


The Kering Group’s financial report for the first half of 2021 showed that the comparable sales of the group rose by 97.9% in the second quarter, and physical retail channel sales accounted for 80% of the group’s total sales; Gucci direct sales, which contributed the largest share of the group’s revenue Accounted for 91% of the total brand revenue, compared with the same period in 2020 and 2019, it has increased by 59.0% and 6.3%, respectively.


luxury store


It can be seen that offline is still the most important sales channel for luxury brands, and at the same time it carries more functions for displaying brand image and tonality. Through art, lifestyle, technology, etc., it provides consumers with a better and diversified shopping experience. Show the brand style three-dimensionally and comprehensively, and finally promote sales.



01 Hermès


Hermès's window art was opened in 1927. The window art director Annie Beaumel showcased the unbelievable creative combination products in a small window. After the legendary window designer Leïla Menchari took over, this small world has changed into a wonderful place, like a drama. The screenshots of the fragments freeze the essence of the brand and are called street dramas.




Hermès's window art is created following the different themes of each season. The moments when the breeze blows, the jungle, the planet, the seaside and other scenes are moved to the window, magnifying the themes and features of each season's products, adding an artistic flavor to the brand.




The window of Shanghai Hermès House has long been occupied by artists from all over the world, combining their respective artistic styles to present a different Hermès drama.


fashion store


With the flamboyant and eye-catching window display, the interior of the shop is mainly decorated in a bright and simple style.



02 Gucci


Like the brand’s style, GUCCI’s window display is dominated by a rich retro and complex style. In recent years, it has embraced young consumers and added bold and shiny colors. The contrast brings a strong visual impact and firmly captures the sight of all passersby. 




Gucci celebrated the centenary of the establishment of the brand, first opened the Tokyo Ginza flagship store, in addition to men's and women's clothing sales, it also has a custom salon and Michelin restaurant.



The Hamptons boutique in New York is also to celebrate the brand’s centenary. This two-story boutique at 17 Newtown Lane covers an area of more than 2,000 square feet. It features copper fixtures and hand-dyed natural wood floors. Gucci Decor panelled screens and wicker decorations are located between the colorful installations.




Gucci's second flagship store in Seoul is located in Seoul's vibrant Itaewon business district. It also recruited Korean artist Seungmo Park to co-design it. The shop is full of maximalism. The appearance imitates the imaginary forest, interpreting the interaction between light and shadow through the metal mesh, reflecting the boundary between the real object and the illusion, and reflecting on the current environmental problems.





After Jonathan Anderson became the creative director of the brand, he perfectly integrated traditional handicrafts with the genes of the LOEWE brand. In addition to the clothing, the large number of handicrafts in the store also illustrates this point. The simple space is interspersed with wood, ceramics, rattan, etc. Hand-made elements, with one or two pieces of vitality plants or modern art installations from time to time, revealing the brand's unique, slightly rustic elegance.




Different from the quietness and elegance of the store, in order to fit the release of capsules or vacation series, LOEWE pop-up stores mostly present a bright and cheerful atmosphere, and a large number of handicrafts and patterns are stacked to create interesting scenes.





The low-key style of BOTTEGA VENETA has always been reflected in the daily stores. The minimalist decoration and furnishings are displayed in a patchy manner.




After creative director Daniel Lee took the charge, BOTTEGA VENETA’s pop-up store was impressive, with interesting themes and distinctive BV green that is giving the city a touch of vitality.




In addition, there is also a mirror pop-up store in the hidden city store, which stands in the middle of the shopping mall and reflects the surrounding environment, instantly invisible. Should you still pay attention to it?


fashion store


Just past the Qixi Festival, BOTTEGA VENETA is located in the Sanlitun shopping mall in Beijing. It is an art space made of silver hydrogen balloons. The exterior walls of the store are filled with floating silver helium balloons. These balloons will leak through natural gas, slowly falling in the passage of time, adding a touch of agility.




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