The Visions of A/W 22/23 Theme Trend for Clothing Design

Author:Tom 2021-06-04

Theme Trend


Vision is human nature. We are always striving for the best. Our city ,architecture, space and daily life all show the yearning for a better life. An unconventional spiritual garden is opened in a minimalist and casual way to present the natural power. There is simple and modest elegancy between light and shadow, brightness and darkness, virtual and reality. Time is passing in one direction, and space is changing in multiple planes. People want to reflect infinite reveries in limited space through the interaction with space and nature.


Theme Drive Analyze


Inspired by the nature, the Brooklyn designer Fernando Mastrangelo uses natural textures, colors and forms to present lava, glaciers and salt marshes, which arouses human's awareness of climate changes. Founded by the Ukrainian architect Victoria Yakusha, Faina features the original shapes and organic materials. Clay, wool, linen and wood are used to explore the close relationship between sustainable modern life and nature.


Material Inspiration


Yu Chang must be the most expensive Chinese painter in the auction market. His scenery paintings send out a sense of loneliness. Oriental form is combined with western colors to present the roving of modern people. Besides, his still lifes, especially flowers, are extremely gorgeous yet lonely. The pure and clean colors reflect his free and tidy lifestyle.


Color Inspiration


The color combination of Visions comes from the natural and inornate gentle palette, which is comfortable and inclusive. These steady and reliable colors are fused together with harmony. Low-saturation pastel colors can always be found among the natural things.


Theme Color


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