The Women's Knitwear Comprehensive Analysis of Shanghai Retail Market

Author:Spring 2022-04-21

Shanghai Retail Market

The retail markets in Shanghai pay more attention to sophisticated knitwear in spring and summer. Lightweight cardis and Chanel-inspired pieces are extremely prevalent. Besides, lace paneling is the best craft to express feminine charm. To color displaying, knitwear puts emphasis on simple and elegant experiences.


Shanghai Retail Market

Small sophisticated cardis in spring and summer pay more attention to fine-gauged stitching. Breathable, moisture-wicking summer yarns are selected. Looser and lighter cardigans are mainly presented in short sleeves to show casualness.


Lightweight Cardigan

S/S T-shirt puts emphasis on textures. Delicate fine-gauged stitching and fine-count yarns ensure the soft handle. Besides, 3D expressions strengthen the visual effect and granular touch.


Textured T-shirt

Lace and lustrous satin are spliced on collars. Lace materials are more feminine, gentle and poetic, while the application of satin reflects the capability of modern ladies.


Collar Splicing

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