Theme Design & Development for Women's Ball Gowns

Author:Tom 2020-05-14

Party dress


As designers continue to optimize party items, the new trend of gowns continues, and the luxurious and nostalgic ball gown stands out. Gowns in the new season use bold and bright colors, and become retro yet luxurious, playful and pleasing. Many pearls and dramatic accessories are used. Sheeny taffeta is the mainstream, making the clothing more gorgeous.


Party dress


Inspired by the 1980s balls and parties, bold and gorgeous tones become hot colors for A/W 21/22. Bold fluorescent pink is dominant, fit for evening dress and luxurious accessories to extend individuality.


Party dress


Retro and luxe new gown is prominent in the new season. The combination of pearls and satin fully exudes luxury. Silk and puff sleeves are paired with retro pearls and long gloves, which is the core of a fancy look.


Party dress


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