TOP 20 Womenswear Patterns from Big Brands in the First Half of 2020

Author:Tom 2020-06-30

Womenswear Patterns


The related report is Revival of Monogram -- The Pattern Trend for Womenswear. New use of monogram emerges. Louis Vuttion, as the representative brand of monogram, creates more fashionable and younger monograms while retaining classical elements.


New Use of Monogram


According to downloading data in the first half of 2020, colorful florals include mainly freehand florals. Casual lines work with clean yet bright colors dominated by light pink and light green, fit for the romantic and colorful spring and summer. Related report: British Afternoon Tea -- The Pattern Trend for Womenswear.


Colorful Florals


Floral color blocks remain popular. Compared with last year (the related report is A Symphony of Midsummer Flowers- The Pattern Trend for Womenswear), florals are simplified this year. A mono color or tonal colors dominate, while bright colors are decorations, low-key yet passionate.


Floral Color Blocks


Celine's new dresses employ dark tones. Fine lines create a lace-like effect, becoming hot this year. The mono-color silhouette floral of Red vanlentino is exquisite, fine and ethereal. Giambattista Valli uses starry polka dots as the ground pattern, with slender twigs and florals to create a dreamlike vibe. Etro combines exotic florals with chic simple stripes.


Plain Florals for Mature Ladies


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