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Massive patterns and graphics are updated every day and specific patterns can be retrieved easily by the search filters.

Massive patterns and graphics are updated every day and specific patterns can be retrieved easily by the search filters.


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  • date2024-06-18 ViewsViews(6273

    Fantastic Dreamland -- The Pattern Trend for Girls' Knitwear

    The theme of "Fantastic Dreamland" cleverly integrates elements such as colors, small animals, flowers, and small fruits from nature through gradient and flat hand drawing. Through soft and dreamy color expression, it presents a natural, dreamy, and warm Korean style. Feel the warmth of nature and enjoy the warmth of life.

  • date2024-06-04 ViewsViews(61880

    Text Expression - Pattern Trend of Teenagers

    The theme of "Text Expression" focuses on the main elements of text, using gradient techniques, motorcycle competitions, and composite text to narrate. By overlaying different fonts, colors, and effects, multi-level text effects are formed, enhancing the power and visual impact of the text. This provides more possibilities for the development of text for teenagers.

  • date2024-05-29 ViewsViews(65325

    New Fun Art -- The Pattern Craft Trend for Womenswear

    This report carefully showcases a series of pattern techniques that are widely used in the design of tops, jackets, and skirts during the autumn and winter seasons. With the launch of the 25/26 autumn/winter series, these traditional technologies have been revitalized and showcased with the artistic charm of the new era. Through creative applique, innovative embroidery, overlapping techniques, textured printing, and three-dimensional decoration, the new season's clothing has brought rich visual effects and artistic expression.

  • date2024-05-24 ViewsViews(60233

    Graffiti - Trends in Infant and Toddler Patterns in Children's Clothing

    The theme of "Random Graffiti" cleverly integrates the three elements of animals, fruits, and flowers through the hand drawn strokes of graffiti. The irregular lines and mottled color blocks brought by the hand drawn strokes make these fruits full of unique artistic charm, creating an artistic world full of innocence and fantasy.

  • date2024-05-24 ViewsViews(86321

    Geometric Fret Motif -- The Pattern Trend for Womenswear

    This report selects geometric ripple as the core element; New Chinese style as the core style; The geometric patterns on ancient city walls, enamel jewelry boxes, textiles, and other objects serve as inspiration. Through different painting techniques and color expressions, they break conventions and interpret the collision between ancient graphics and modern fashion, providing inspiration for the development of new Chinese patterns.

  • date2024-05-23 ViewsViews(49832

    Auspicious Snake -- The Pattern Trend for Kidswear

    This report is inspired by the Chinese zodiac sign of 2025 - the snake. It is a symbol of auspiciousness, wealth, luck, and favorable weather in traditional Chinese culture. The design of patterns can utilize elements such as Chinese characters, snake shapes, and everyday life. We will launch a clothing pattern series with snakes as the theme, which is suitable for both welcoming the New Year and meeting the daily needs of children and infants. Provide reference for the development of patterns for children and infants in children's clothing.

  • date2024-05-23 ViewsViews(70066

    Embrace the Nature -- The Fast-response Pattern Trend for Womenswear

    The pattern design of this report focuses on natural elements that are full of artistic atmosphere, and innovatively designs from three perspectives: natural textures, trendy animal patterns, and nostalgic plants. The aim is to create a pattern image that is both modern and popular, catering to the spiritual needs of current consumers to escape busy cities and pursue a relaxed life.

  • date2024-05-17 ViewsViews(69165

    Light Rhythm -- The Pattern Trend for Kidswear

    The theme of "Light Rhythm" focuses on lines, mountains, and image noise, and is created under the themes of online rhythm, natural mountains, and illusionary noise. Using lines and symbols as the main elements, combined with illustrations, half tone filters, and other techniques, to shape the rhythm of movement; The classic and minimalist lines outline different elemental forms, with a focus on practical design, serving as a reference for the development of patterns for adults and teenagers in A/W 25/26 children's clothing.

  • date2024-05-16 ViewsViews(71352

    La Vie en Rose -- The Pattern Trend for Womenswear

    In the elegant revival of femininity and the prevalence of retro fashion, influenced by the movie "La Vie en Rose" and the eponymous song, this theme is emerged. This theme is inspired by roses, flowers, and artistic techniques, cleverly integrating traditional patterns with innovative design techniques. A series of pattern creations were carried out through the expression of three small themes: hand drawn flower branches, soft focal texture, and blurred flower shadows. These highlight the unique temperament of modern women and convey artistic charm with a sense of the times.

  • date2024-05-15 ViewsViews(49553

    Fairy Tale Forest -- The Pattern Trend for Infantswear

    The theme of "Fairy Tale Forest" is inspired by the picture book "A Beautiful Day" by Nordic illustrator Silvia Francesca Forti. There are many beautiful things that appear in the world, allowing us to feel the existence of beauty in daily life, discover beauty in the subtle, and explore beauty. This report presents the natural texture of animals through hand drawn watercolor illustrations, serving as a reference for the development of patterns for 25/26AW children's clothing for infants and young children.

  • date2024-05-14 ViewsViews(96307

    Dazzling Reflection -- S/S 2025 Thematic Pattern Trend

    The process of women's self growth is the exploration of their own personality, from the lack of autonomy in instinctive power to the strong autonomy in choosing to use power. Searching for the healing power of inner harmony in a complex and turbulent world, as well as maintaining curiosity about new things, yearning for freedom and a colorful unknown world, and creating a diverse and romantic self. With the development and changes of society, and the continuous growth of oneself, how to balance individual appearances and inner depth, and demonstrate fashion aesthetics with a dialectical attitude. Exploring the inner spiritual world while resisting outward is the mainstream attitude of young people today. In the end, everything that is healed, unknown, resistant, rebellious, harmonious, and romantic forms a brilliant reflection under the refraction of the ocean and light.

  • date2024-05-13 ViewsViews(67620

    Plant & Font -- The Embroidery Pattern Trend for Menswear

    This report focuses on plant and text pattern elements, presenting various embroidery combination techniques. Refined into five major angles: delicate embroidery, stitch embroidery, diverse applique, creative sequins, and combined process, interpreting the application of layered pattern techniques to create rich visual effects and artistic expression of clothing patterns.

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