A/W 22/23 Leather & Fur Trend Keywords for Clothing Design

Author:Tom 2021-05-13

fur trend


Leather & fur industry is seriously influenced by the unstable condition. Consumers are paying more attention to the quality and comfort of products in A/W 22/23. The design of leather & fur is the key to present the clothing value, luxurious texture and uniqueness, increasing the healing warmth of unstable post-pandemic era. The future trend will put emphasis on the practicality, comfort and multi-occasional effect. Extreme comfort design has become the essential factor.


Leather & Fur Trend


Bright monochrome style is combined with the multiple textures of fur to present an eye-catching look in an aggressive way.


Leather & Fur Trend


Understated tonal colors pay attention to the gradient relationship, which can increase the layers and well present the fur texture.


Leather & Fur Trend


Coating process with strong visual impact presents fantastic elements. Bio-degradable bio-based PU ensures the sustainability of individualized outerwear. This material is suitable for creating young avant-garde style and minimalist business style.


Leather & Fur Trend


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