Lost Horizon of Theme Design & Development for Womenswear

Author:Tom 2020-10-09



The vast wilderness exudes an original natural fragrance. We temporarily escape from the trivial life, set foot on soul-touched rebellious journey, and roam to break shackles in the grand nature. From the rough Scottish Highlands to deserted Iceland, we touch the veins of natural change, feel the emptiness of mind and body, encounter the poetry of the unknown distance and perceive the heartbeat of the wild nature. Embracing in the nature, we understand the unique texture of trivial life, and it is frank and interesting, interpreting the cozy and beautiful wandering at the end of the horizon.




Trend Signal


1. The young Spanish painter and designer Guim Tio Zarraluki can create a seemingly infinite space in the small frame. 2. The artist Kehayoglou based in Buenos Aires integrates sculptures, installation, art and handicraft together for practical and eco-friendly works. 3. The movie, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, encourages people to start a real adventure to the ice fields, the seas, the Himalayas and so on. However, daydream is far less spectacular than reality. The film, with its unique appeal, once again inspires people to embrace nature and discover their true selves.


Trend Signal


Steep mountains, lush grasslands and snowy mountains, the pristine landscape lead us into a strange and fantastic dream of nature. When roaming in the wilderness, we keep the unruly and free quality of nature, and look into the nature from another perspective. The original charm of nature once again appeals to people to temporarily escape from the busy and crowded city. Natural vagrants return to the essence of life in a positive way, create a rebellious style of personality with artistic methods, build a healing atmosphere that integrates the original ecology and poetry, and add a free and casual fashion attitude to outdoor looks.


Consumer Groups


This theme celebrates outdoor casual style, accentuated with light folkloric patterns and details. Taking Wanderer on Scottish Highlands as the background, things transcending time and space are mixed in history to express deep thoughts, exuding a natural and retro mood.




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