The Comprehensive Analysis of Kidswear Daily Fashion Markets in Zhili

Author:Alice 2019-11-22



Compared with the market research in August, the Chinese fashion, the Chinese style and the J-Korean style are still dominant in markets of Zhili. Sweatshirts, puffa jackets, overcoats and jumpsuits are the focus of this research. The proportion of cute and playful romper grows. Multiple 3D pockets and letter printing still draw much attention.


kidswear in Zhili


Letters and slogans make the simple sweatshirt individual but not exaggerated, showing different characters of kids. Black makes a contrast with bright yellow and fluorescent colors. Irregular splicing and decorative big pockets are youthful, cool and fashionable.


Cool and Fashionable Sweatshirts


Elements of the Chinese style account for a large proportion in markets of Zhili. Simple overcoat silhouette is combined with exquisite embroidery, warm, lively and elegant. Tassels and buttonhole loops fully present the quaint charm of the Chinese style.


The Chinese Style Overcoat


As Christmas and the new year are coming, bright Chinese red is gradually taking up the market. Red full of festival sense is paired with moose and red-crowned crane to display the passionate and warm emotions. In this market research, Chinese red is mostly used in romper and added with slight white to make the style gorgeous and versatile.

Chinese Red
Tapes are applied to pockets and the body thus the style in a solid color is no longer boring and dull. Lettered tapes with full street fashion sense create the tacit balance with printing. Fluorescent drawstring is applied to puffa jackets and sweatshirts, making the style unique and extending the individuality.
Tapes & Drawstring