The Comprehensive Analysis of Womenswear Cotton & Linen Benchmark Brands

Author:Alice 2020-06-01

Womenswear trend


This report focuses on EIN, broadcast, AUM and ICICLE, makes key analysis of line-drawn patterns, crinkled fabrics, mulberry silk, drawstring on the waist and suits, and brings more natural and comfortable looks.

Key Brands

Brand Dynamics

1. ICICLE's first overseas flagship store in Paris; CARVEN × ICICLE Summer Lake Series; CARVEN × ICICLE T-shirt of CARVEN meeting Shanghai. 2. 2020 AUM "I Love My Family" concept exhibition in The Mixc in Xiamen. This activity works with "Ponyo and Shark", a life blogger on Sina Weibo, to discuss the natural aesthetic lifestyle harmonious with nature. 3. Song Yanfei wears clothing from broadcast × Doraemon collaboration collection. 4. EXCEPTION de MIXMIND × Sonny Angel works together to hold the 2020 activity of "caring about the earth". 5. Donoratico collaborates with Li Meng 2020 Summer·Bright Flower to create lively and dynamic flowers.


Brand Dynamics


CARVEN × ICICLE Summer Lake Series is inspired by the forthright and passionate fauvism style and the vivid post-impressionism, and captures the exotic flavour and real nature. Matisse's bold women, Gauguin's natural landscape and the bathing girl in a bra, these western bold images become subdued oriental prints.


CARVEN × ICICLE Summer Lake Series


Dresses and shirts take up a large part, followed by trousers. Ditsies and polka dots dominate patterns. Items are loose, simple and comfortable. High-quality raw materials are redesigned to show the beauty of nature.


Market Data Analysis of Cotton & Linen Brands


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