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All of the contents in this website: texts, graphics, logo, creative and the software, etc. belong to POP (Worldwide) Fashion Network Organization and its information suppliers, which is protected by China and International Copyright Laws. You must not copy(which means collect, combine and reset) any contents in this site as it enjoys exclusive rights and protection from China and International Copyright Laws. It is strictly forbidden to use any contents of this site in any method including resetting, reediting, releasing, forwarding, republishing, demonstration or broadcasting.


All the graphics, pictures, charts, audios, originality, logo, service names and trade marks are protected by related laws. The trademarks, exclusive names and other icons can not be ambiguously and vaguely used for any other products or service which does not belong to POP (Worldwide) Fashion Network Organization Website, or in any other ways to misinterpret or decry POP (Worldwide) Fashion Network Organization.

3.Terms of Use

The registered members should neither transmit our designs to a Third Party, nor share the account with a Third Party for commercial use. We reserve the rights to cancel the order and return deposit.


You may click on the link on this site to enter other sites. But other websites are not under our control, thus we are not responsible for the contents of other sites.

5.Escape Clause

We announce here that we do not directly, indirectly, legally or conventionally make promise to your using of this site and related contents, service, any linked sites and contents. In whatever circumstances (including but not limiting reason of carelessness), any damage or loss (including direct, indirect, special or sequential damage or loss, such as loss of income or profits, damage of computer system or data) caused by you or anyone else using the information from this site and links or any other sites linked with our site, the user should be responsible themselves( including but not limiting reason of carelessness).

6.Operation Rules

When you use this site and its service, you are not allowed to: 1.paste or forward any illegal, threatening, scandalous, uncomplimentary, revengeful, profane or any other information forbidden by law, including transmitting seditious and encouraging crimes, or contents against civil obligation or other laws or principles made by local areas, country or world nations; 2.paste or forward any private events of other people, or any contents with virus or uncomplimentary information; 3.paste or forward any data, graphics or computer programs including illegal and unregistered copyright text, graphics or programs, business secret or other confidential information, trade marks and service marks, that might infringe upon property right of others; 4.In any ways to interfere other users of this site. POP (World Wide) Fashion Network Organization is run and controlled by Shanghai Yishang Yunlian Information Technology Co., Ltd. The law of People's Republic of China are applicable for this website. We reserve the rights to change our website and the terms of above Escape Clause at any time.

7.Privacy Policy

Protecting the security and privacy of your personal data is important for POP (World Wide) Fashion Network Organization; therefore, please read below terms and lines carefully. By agreeing to our Terms of Use Agreement, you consent to our using and revealing your personal information according to POP (Worldwide) Fashion Network Organization's Privacy Policy. All the terms in this Privacy Policy are a part of the Agreement.

8.Under Age

Anyone who is under 18 years old can not use our service here; thus those who is under 18 please don’t registry to this site, unless you have your parents' or guardian's company.

9. Account Name and Password

If you leaked your password, you might lose your personal identification which may put you at illegal risks. Whatever reason it is that your password become unsafe, please contact with us immediately.

10. Registration Information

During the registration to be a VIP member of the Site, you will be required to complete a registration form with your personal information, based on which we could use to classify users and offer new and better service.

11. Cookies

We use cookies to be a user-friendly website. It will help you to save time on repeat inputting your registered information, and help us to track your browser as well.

12. External Links

This site includes links to other websites. And we are not responsible for those sites' Privacy Policy. Your identification is safe with us. We may update this policy with the perfection process of this site. You are welcome to check our Privacy Policy any time!

13. Edit Profile

You can click "Account Management" on the page and edit your profile after logged on.

Legal Statement-POP Fashion


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